Lakota Legend – Books and Comments

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Read what Suzanne Dupree/Looking Back Woman followers on social media have to say and browse the books for sale. Frank Fools Crow Gift from the Ancestors 2nd Edition 2014 is filled with more photos, higher resolution and new content. The Journal Series “Gift of Prophecy”¬†information regarding Native American History corresponds with the information in David Humphrey Millers book ‘Custer’s Fall – The Indian Side of the Story’.

One thought on “Lakota Legend – Books and Comments

  1. “The Long Journey Home” authored by SUZANNE Dupree (Looking Back Woman-HakiktaWin will be available as soon as I finish proof reading & editing.
    I feel you will enjoy the process of where we were 10 Years+ ago in sorting out the truth from the lies & propaganda, & where we are today.
    The long process of weeding the wheat from the chafe is so character building, time consuming, tedious at times, as well as frustrating….but, well worth the dedication & dogmatic effort once you can give the public something to be proud of that mainstream academia completely missed the mark on, yet profitted so handsomely from their misconceptions.
    I was not motivated by royalties, or such…just a heartfelt driving force to capture the real essence of my people, the Tetons for future generations to know & love them as they were when they were the Spiritual Warriors for Wakan Tanka & lived upon Mother Earth in such harmony with her & each other…the beauty of their honor, dignity, commitment to one another, the Great Spirit/Wakan Tanka, our children & their fearlessness to defend their SACRED Life Ways, Culture, History & Spirituality, for that you need an individual from birth who was mentored to bring the Knowledge & Truth home for all to share & reap the benefits from knowing in their hearts the Tetons were the Chosen People to be gifted the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin via Whope/White BUFFALO Calf Pipe Wiyan to the Tetons based upon their moral character…
    Hopefully, we will once again be who we were when the Gift of the Pipe came to the Tetons in our time of our most greatest dispair, starving upon the Teton prairie, praying for a miracle!
    And, IT came because We Believed in Wakan Tanka & His power over all living things upon Mother Earth!
    Hakikta Win

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